About us

Group snapshot

Forge Group’s Tecsa is South Africa’s largest spares house for all leading home appliance brands, making it “#1 Appliance Parts”. In March 2013 the business acquired commercial refrigeration veteran Reco.


Together TecsaReco has created a refrigeration giant, becoming “#1 In Refrigeration” in South Africa and offering the full spectrum of refrigeration solutions, from home to commercial as well as air-conditioning, all with leading global brands.


Tecsa was originally established in 1965 as a wholesaler of parts and accessories for domestic appliances. Reco was founded in 1947 as a refrigeration and air-conditioning wholesaler, making it the oldest and longest standing business of this kind in South Africa.


The TecsaReco group comprises three key divisions:

TecsaReco’s inventory of over 30 000 products includes branded and generic spare parts, components and accessories.  These are distributed direct to consumers and the trade via 22 walk-in outlets nationwide, in Windhoek and in Gaborone, and a fleet of more than 70 delivery vehicles. Sales representatives at each outlet also service surrounding areas to ensure that TecsaReco has complete national coverage, even in the more remote regions.  TecsaReco also distributes to neighbouring countries including Angola, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Our attractive value proposition – accessible quality products at affordable prices – is only one driver of our success. Our focus on the customer enables TecsaReco to build loyal relationships based on understanding your needs and meeting them quickly and effectively.