About us

How we add value

We add value, not cost.  Firstly, smart and efficient procurement and established relationships with our suppliers translates to lower prices. Secondly we are a ‘no frills, no fuss’ operation dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction both pre- and post-sale. 


Our on-the-ground sales teams easily translate their extensive technical know-how into customer speak to ensure that we sell not only a product, but a full service that guarantees a satisfied customer every time.


We ensure your competitive edge by offering you the latest technology, first, and keeping you abreast of industry trends. Taking this a step further, we have proprietary software and technical support to assist with selection which ensures a customised solution that delivers, consistently and with speed.

By focussing on you we appreciate the adverse impact of downtime on your business. For this reason our 22 national branches are stocked with over 30 000 line items each, in appliance parts, refrigeration and air-conditioning and are staffed with experts across the ranges.